Student Eating

Tonopah Families, 

We want to be able to provide food to all children, 18 years of age and younger, within the Tonopah community.  At 10AM, our first stop will be the Desert Family Apartments.  We will then follow the normal middle/high school bus route that would pick up and drop off students to and from school. Please refer to the Tonopah Schools website for the bus route.  Please remember that there will be wait times at these stops.  Please just watch for the bus and send students out to gather food. 

Food will still be available to be picked up at Tonopah Elementary beginning at 10AM Monday through Thursday.

See Bus Routes Below...


Food Service Bus Stops

STOP (1)

Desert Family Apartments

STOP (2)

National 9 Inn

STOP (3)

Just past Golden Mountain Lane

STOP (4)

Globemallow Lane

STOP (5)

Juniper Court

STOP (6)

Penstemon Court

STOP (7)

Sierra Vista and Ricegrass

STOP (8)

Hopsage Court

STOP (9)


STOP (10)

Esmeralda Edge Apartments (Across from BK)

STOP (11)

Jim Butler Park

STOP (12)

Ketten Road--First house on the left