Press Release: Earthquake Damage, Tonopah Elementary

Earthquake Aftershock Damage at Tonopah Elementary School 

June 1, 2020

Due to the 6.5 magnitude Earthquake 35 miles west of Tonopah, Nevada on May 15, 2020, a series of aftershocks have occurred in the area. Following a 3.3 magnitude aftershock on May 27th, staff at Tonopah Elementary School noticed a door in the administrative building would not close properly. 

Nye County School District Maintenance and Operations staff inspected the building. It was determined the door malfunction was likely a result of shifting due to the recent earthquake activity, along with related minor damage to other areas of the campus. Maintenance and Operations Director Joe Schmidt along with school administrative staff completed a thorough inspection of the entire campus.

For the safety of all, it was determined all buildings at the school site will remain vacant until further notice. The vacancy order is a precaution as aftershocks may continue without warning. Structural inspectors will be contacted to determine the necessary repairs.

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